About GoForAce.

GoForAce is a digital assessment platform offering a content creator tool and ready-made assessments for tutors, educators, students and parents.

On GoForAce, tutors and educators can customize their own assessment paper content as well as assigning ready-made papers to their students. All of our papers are automatically graded, results are instantly generated and report cards are sent after completion of assignments. GoForAce also turn these results into easy to read personal statistics so you could start working on areas which you require the most improvement on.

For students, a wide array of ready-made papers is available for frequent assessment, which will help them to grasp the latest examinations patterns, and prepare them better for exams.

For parents, you no longer need to spend tons of money on assessment books from bookstores. You can browse through our content and get your child to practice over and over again, saving your precious time and money. Quality papers can be accessed at no cost.